PRESCRIPTIONS is the nations top provider of eyeglasses and sunglasses lens prescriptions. Weather your requirement is for our company to do your Prescription in your own frame, or you wish to browse from over 100 different brand name sunglasses or brand name eyeglasses and choose a style to have your custom prescription installed we are the place.

We offer the best possible prices on all lens types such as Single Vision,Bifocal and Progressive Lenses. We do our lenses utilizing the a variety of Lens Materials such as Plastic, Polycarbonate, Polarized and High Index. We have also recently introduced the new Drive Wear Lens. This new lens is able to react to various lighting conditions both Indoor and outdoor.

All of our lenses can be treated with many popular Lens Coatings, such as Anti Reflective Coating, Scratch Resistant Coating and Ultraviolet Protection (UV) protection.